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Who are we?

A cohesive group of accomplished individuals, all alumni of esteemed institutions like IITs, NITs, IIMs, TISS, and other prestigious establishments. Their collective expertise is dedicated to effecting substantial change within the socio-political sphere through close collaboration and concerted efforts. Together, they leverage their skills and knowledge to address and make a positive impact on various socio-political challenges and issues.

Our Experience

With previous involvement at I-PAC in multiple states, such as Punjab (2017, 2022), Uttarakhand (2017), Uttar Pradesh (2017), Andhra Pradesh (2019), Maharashtra (2019), Tamil Nadu (2021), and West Bengal (2021), We have also provided independent assistance to cabinet ministers and MLAs in Karnataka (2023).

Our Expertise

Leveraging significant experience, we excel in managing comprehensive electoral processes, spanning network establishment, thorough on-ground assessments, digital marketing expansion, media relations, image enhancement, grassroots reinforcement, and customized constituency manifesto creation.

“ Our Associations ”


In the realm of politics, #MKHinPolitics offers the following services:


By incorporating opinion polls, door-to-door campaigns, door-to-door surveys, and pre-poll analysis into our survey analysis approach, we provide you with a comprehensive understanding of voter sentiment, preferences, and trends. These insights empower you to tailor your campaign strategies, messages, and outreach efforts to effectively connect with voters and achieve electoral success.


Our approach for Campaign management is based on utilizing the latest techniques & applying the best practices.Sophisticated offline and online strategies coupled with attention to detail often leads to successful engagement campaigns. Be it data-driven online approach, mobilizing grassroots, engaging grass tops messengers or build a movement from the ground up, we have done it before and we would love to do it for you again.


By incorporating WhatsApp Broadcast, IVRs, and Mobile Database management into our comprehensive digital media management strategies, we ensure a holistic approach to reaching voters, engaging them effectively, and maximizing your campaign’s digital impact during elections. Account creation, Profile Optimization, Content Strategy, Audience Engagement, Analytics & Reporting


Our team of Data Analysts, know how to solve this problem for you. We have a knack of reading between the lines to convert this data into information and package this into meaningful insights so that you can evaluate program performance and make better decisions about targeting the right audience and how best to reach them. Eventually the numbers and spreadsheets are converted to data-driven actionable for you.


Multiple reach out modes are indeed necessary because all the electorate may not be available on a single platform, especially since there are multiple-screen content consumers. So, a good on-ground strategy needs to be coupled with a strong and effective creative strategy. From creating story-boards, to script writing, to design and production, our creative team are experts at capturing the imagination of the audience and delivering the core message. We are masters in telling your story in a fresh way every single time.


We deliver your message to the right people for whom it matters and to people who can resonate with your message. We also train and assist you to develop the skills to deliver your message through a speech or an event or a TV show. Our media planners work in sync with our researchers, content developers and the creative team to segment the target audience and package the content into different forms to suit the demands of the platform across which the content is placed. With constant monitoring and optimisation in place, we can help you in identification of the high-performing platform and accordingly guide your spends on different platforms to ensure that your money reaches the farthest.


A successful manifesto creation is all about hearing the needs of your electorate, understanding those needs and making sure that you recognise the opportunity they present to you. For you to be a successful leader, you have to believe that your electorate is your partner in your mission. We do that coalition building for you by connecting your electorate with you. Also remember, a promise no matter how articulate it is, will become meaningless if it is not fulfilled. Hence, the fundamental aspect in building a manifesto is to see what are the promises which are indeed required and aspired by the electorate, and perhaps commit to only those which can be fulfilled in the stipulated amount of time.


Image makeover is more about discovering truths about yourself and the process begins with a series of questions being posed to unearth these truth about you. The more we understand you, the better we can position you. We help you in evolving your brand statement, which shall henceforth be visible in every action of yours. Always remember, you are your own brand ambassador. You ought to be the first person to market that brand of yours and displaying your brand statement


By establishing a call center for your election campaign, you can effectively engage with voters, provide personalized support, and gather valuable insights. Our expertise in call center establishment will ensure a seamless and efficient communication channel, contributing to the success of your campaign.

War Room

A War Room would act as the ‘Hub’ of the entire monitoring exercise in the constituency on the day of the Election.Primary point of contact for Booth Level Agents (BLAs) to report ground-level issues that can be rallied immediately to the authorities on election duty.Aiming at increasing voting percentage by at least 10% (approx.150 voters in each booth) in ‘favorable’ booths to make dormant party supporters come out to vote

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Experience in Political Domain (7 years)

I - PAC: 05 Years

Individual Clients: 02 Years


Delhi College of Engineering, 2016

In 2019, I assumed responsibility for a demanding political terrain in Andhra Pradesh, where I managed 45 out of 175 seats. Notably, we achieved success in 38 of these seats, a remarkable increase from the 12 our party had won in 2014. In the most recent 2023 elections in Karnataka, we achieved a remarkable victory, securing 7 out of 8 seats. Furthermore, I spearheaded the Frontal organizations of the YSRCP party, playing a pivotal role in mobilizing all 175 Assembly Constituencies.

I was also at the forefront of conceiving and carrying out significant campaigns in multiple states, achieving an impressive 90% success rate with victories in 81 out of 90 targeted seats. In a notable feat, I assembled an initial team of 100 individuals in West Bengal within a mere two months. This dedicated team went on to play a pivotal role in orchestrating successful campaigns that resulted in a victory over the BJP in the state. These experiences have enhanced my strategic and organizational capabilities, showcasing a steadfast history of successful leadership and campaign oversight.








Winning percent

Words from Leaders about MKH

Botcha Satyanarayana

Andhra Pradesh, Minister, MLA

Working with MKH was a game-changer for our political campaign. Their strategic insights and campaign management skills were invaluable. I highly recommend MKH to any candidate or party looking for a winning edge.

Anil Kumar Yadav

Andhra Pradesh, Ex Minister, MLA

MKH is a political consultant par excellence. Their understanding of the political landscape, coupled with their strategic thinking, was instrumental in our campaign's success. I'm grateful for their expertise and dedication.

Namburu Shankara Rao

Andhra Pradesh, MLA

We couldn't have asked for a better political consultant than MKH. Their meticulous planning and execution skills transformed our campaign into a resounding victory. We're incredibly thankful for their contributions.

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